Research projects

Our research is conducted under the supervision of our Doctorate of Physics (Dr. rer. Nat.) Fathi Gouider.

The industry is building infrastructure for electric vehicles and intents to optimize battery systems, which can store decentralized polluted energy. E-mobility in the current state of the art does not seem to be the solution to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

To address this problem, in our first flagship project, we focused on clean energy from renewable sources and developed a technology that generates energy in a closed system by zero emission. We call it EASE technology, which is a German abbreviation for “energy from rare earth materials”.We have filed a worldwide patent with effect from February 3rd, 2018.

Why don`t you charge your electric vehicle out of a mobile charging bag, you can carry in the trunk of your car? You don`t have to search for a station once you recognize the need for a charge. Just stop the car, plug in the cable and carry on driving as soon as the battery is filled enough. Power for your car, anytime and anywhere. And the best is, it is absolute climate-neutral. It is possible!

You will soon find short product video over here, in which all the challenges, solutions and characteristics regarding these issues are summarized.


The EASE technology is not limited to automotive, it is also scalabale to other industries and products. But, as electric mobility is currently one of the most discussed topics it is a perfect use case. Consider rural areas for example. There is no need for underground cables if you use EASE technology in a charging point, it is freely erectable.

Read more about EASE over here.